Why is hiring Certified
is so Critical

The Air Duct cleaning industry is not regulated by any government body. Anybody can enter into this business with just some gear and a business card , which is downright scary. Some companies just clean the ducts leaving your furnace dirty , some are carpet cleaners trying to use their carpet vacs to clean ducts which does not work at all
( kick these guys out ). Its like the wild west and the chances of hiring someone competent is literally 1 in 5 , about 20% of the duct cleaners out there actually know what they are doing leaving 80% as someone you won't want to hire.

At Certified Ducts , we've been around for a while, in our 40+ year history we have learned the right ways (and the wrong) of duct cleaning , we even invented our own equipment and developed our own proven cleaning methods.

Certified Ducts Partners are trained and have become true specialists in furnace and air duct cleaning. We pride ourselves on using good proper equipment , and keep customer service at the forefront. We know its easier to keep a return client then to always have to find new ones and that's why our standards are always based on quality and service first before profit .

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You Need BIG Hoses.

Furnace and Air Duct Cleaning requires a lot of high powered air flow, which needs large 8" to 10" diameter hoses to carry the suction needed to do the job right.

You also need a large 2 stage air compressor which is always powered by Gas. When Having your ducts cleaned make sure they have the big hoses ( for suction) and the small air lines which will be hooked up outside to a large gas air compressor ( compressed air ).

The suction is provided by a vacuum truck outside or a portable duct vacuum inside . This hose then attaches to your main ducting, next we blast compressed air into the ducts to stir up and push the dust and debris towards the vacuum pressure.

If someone ever comes to your place with a big red shop vac with a spinning brush , a carpet cleaning vac, a central vac with a clear plastic box , or any small hose similar to your house vacuum then its best to chase them away with a large broom.

NO Big Hose means
NO Duct Cleaning

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40+ Years Later .....

What a road it's been

Our origins date back to 1980 as a family run duct cleaning business. Starting out with a Pringles Power vac duct truck in a time when air duct cleaning was in its infancy. No training programs, no consumer education, & our marketing plan consisted of some fridge magnets. The only decent equipment was the duct truck and there was no such thing as a portable duct vacuum. We had to wing it pretty much everyday and when it came to commercial jobs it was like learning all over again, many times lifting ceiling tiles all day just to find the ducting and try and figure out the best way to clean the system.

After four decades , there isn't much we haven't cleaned . From thousands of homes to hundreds of all types of commercial HVAC systems in Hospitals, Prisons, Schools, government buildings , 60+ story sky scrapers , exhaust systems , even cooling shafts in electrical generation plants.

In 2021 we started Certified Ducts to initially be a well rounded training platform that other companies could use to learn the Proper way to clean HVAC systems in most homes.

Many of our clients started asking a lot more questions about marketing , equipment selection , and more , so we decided to go one step further with the Certified Ducts Brand and evolve it into a full Business Partnership System to help new and old duct cleaners become more successful ,to help them with coaching or tech questions, help with marketing & purchasing new equipment so they can steer clear of the snake oil guys, and of course making sure they know what they are doing.

The Certified Ducts Brand Partnership is not a franchise system, our brand partners are still free to run their businesses the way they want to run them (as long as they stick to our high standards) as our system is meant to be one of the many building blocks they can use to grow.

Rest Assured , if you hire a Certified Ducts partner, they will most likely be some of the best guys in your region, we know it because they would have had to take our training course and follow our standards to become a member partner. We live and breathe duct cleaning and frankly after 40+ years in this business, I am getting to old to learn a new trade now.

JIM Thomson