Willing to work your butt off to become successful?

Believe in only doing QUALITY work?

Then you may have what it takes to Partner with us ...

Not a franchise.

At Certified Ducts we take pride in the fact we are not a franchise system. Are approach is much simpler.

Its a Success In A Box system ,
We use our 40+ years of duct cleaning industry experience to help you in all ways duct cleaning, from the start up & initial training to helping you pick out your equipment.
Plus ongoing support to help you with estimating, answering questions while on the job, you name it. Basically think of us like a partner but without having to share your profits.

You license our marketing system such as this website plus we supply you with print media such as business cards, brochures, trade show displays, decals for your truck/vans and most important: access to our social media marketing system & lead generation landing pages .

There is a catch, you have to be willing to take our training course even if your a long time duct cleaner . You also have to be the kind of person who cares first about doing a good quality job, enjoys customer service and is an ethical person. If that's sounds like you then we should talk .

Our goal is to help you become successful while also building a better air duct cleaning industry, its time we leave the scammers in the dust and build something we can

all live by.

We are happy to work with both newcomers to the industry as well as older companies that have been around for a while that just want to add to their existing business.

There is an initial upfront cost to join as well as an annual fee to take part in our license agreement.
There are also a separate monthly fees in the event you want us to run your day to day social media management or take part in our optional landing page lead programs.

If Quality is your middle name , LET'S WORK TOGETHER.

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