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$99 Pre-inspection

Cleaning clean ducts is pointless and we want you to be a happy customer. We offer a full furnace and air duct cleaning inspection of your whole system. Only $99.
1.We remove your air vents and inspect the inside of the vents and main trunk lines with our snake inspection camera.
2.Pull off the furnace doors and inspect the blower fins and overall condition of the furnace .

3.Check all peripherals such as any Humidifiers, UV lights , Furnace filters.

4.If possible we check the AC coils for lint and grease build ups.
5. Check the outside A/C compressor for overall condition.

If the system is dirty and you decide to go ahead with a cleaning, we will give you an exact price while we're there. $50.00 from the inspection goes towards reducing the cleaning costs.

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Come and clean already

Tier ONE Cleaning

The Tier One cleaning is the most common tier we provide. We use our high powered vac system along with Compressed air tools to do a thorough cleaning of the whole system, from the floor vents to the furnace.
Pricing varies as every house is different, but a regular Tier One Cleaning averages around $350-$550. Factors such as where the furnace is located , crawl space, attic , basement , is it an upright or downdraft furnace and the size of the system, are there 15 vents or 30 , is there 1 furnace or 2, all these questions effect the pricing.
Best to contact us ahead of time if you need an exact price , or we can come do the $99 Pre-Inspection ahead of time.

Dryer Vent cleaning if
we're there already
add around $50-$150+

HRV Cleaning if
we're there already
add around $150+

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eat off my ducting

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Tier TWO Cleaning

This is the most exhaustive of cleanings, we still use our standard high powered vac and air tools to clean but then we add power brushing to parts of the system where mechanical brushes can be safely used. (Some flex ducting can not be brush cleaned.)
Power brushing can get the ducts shiny clean to an almost new standard in many parts of the system, but It can double the time it takes to clean , so expect the costs to possibly double as well.
We can confirm a price when we arrive to give you a better idea of the total cost.

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